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Capital Campaign:  We are embarking on various capital projects to further provide services on Women's Health, Literacy Centers and Skills Acquisition Training Center and would need your generous support towards these projects. You can also designate your help to specific projects. 

Prayers:  Your gift of prayers cannot be measured in material terms. We need your prayers. You are surely in our prayers and daily remembrance at the Holy Mass. 

Pledges:  Pledges made for a three-year period may allow our benefactors to make a more substantial gift on a schedule that meets tax and other financial considerations. 

Matching Gifts:  If your company participates in the matching gift program, you may consider extending this offer so that they too can participate as well. 

Will:  Please remember Ad Gentes Missionary Society when writing or changing your Will. 

Visit:  If possible you can also arrange to visit our mission and project sites within and outside America to volunteer your time and skills for a few weeks.

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